Pressure Gauge For Cars BERKUT™ TG-73

High accuracy analogue gauge with comprehensive interface (diam. – 2.5″ (63.5mm)) with both PSI and Atm scales, deflator to release excessive pressure. Scale (7 ATM limit, readability 0.2ATM) is convenient for all kinds of tires. Hose is equipped with tire screwing adaptor. Carry bag is included in the accessory as a comfy storage solution.


- Scale range: 0.00-100.00 PSI (pound/square inch)
- 0.0-7.0 ATM (kg/cm2)
- Readability: 2.00 PSI (pound/square inch)
- 0.2 ATM (kg/cm2)
- Accuracy: ± 0.5 PSI/0.005 ATM


- High accuracy low pressure gauge, 2 scales (ATM/PSI)
- Deflator
- Carry bag