Car Air Compressor BERKUT™ SPEC-15

Car Air Compressor BERKUT™ Specialist (model: SPEC-15) is designed for car and other vehicles tire inflation. Product distinctive feature is its integration in military-style plastic box which facilitates operation under severe extreme conditions, storage and transportation.

Compressor has new upgraded cylinder group and hence better performance features (up to 44 l/min.)

SPEC-15 is a limited Anniversary edition.


- Voltage: 12 V
- Max.Current: 14,5 A
- Max.Pressure: 10 Atm (kg/cm2)
- Continuous operation time: 30 min
- Airflow: 44 l/min
- Operation temperature: -30 °C +80 °C
- Noise level: 65dB
- Hose length: 1,2m
- Power cord length: 4,8m
- Thermal fuse: 15A
- Measurements: 167x93x157mm
- Kit measurements: 260x205x180 мм
- Kit weight: 3,1 кг


- Oil-less piston type compressor;
- Durable PTFE piston O-ring;
- Solid stainless steel air valves;
- Aluminum alloy cylinder;
- Electric motor with permanent magnets;
- Automatic over-heating protection system;
- Dustproof housing plus air-filter.


- High-accuracy 2-scale gauge;
- Deflator valve to adjust pressure;
- Screwing adaptor for tire nipple;
- Plastic box for storage and carrying;
- Kit of adapters.