Professional Air Compression Station BERKUT™ SA-03

BERKUT™ SA-03 – portable pneumatic system combining compressor and 2,85l air tank within one frame.
This system is designed for fast inflation of car tires, inflatable boats and rafts. Equipped with flexible armored hose (7,5m) and professional inflation gun with a gauge.
Hose is connected to the station by a quick-connector and is powered from car battery via clamps.

is disassemblable and you can make any professional solution basing on separate components, for example: car beep control or interaxle differential pneumatic lockup.


- Voltage: 12V
- Max.current: 16A
- Max.pressure: 9ATM (BAR)
- Pneumatic system operation pressure: 5,8-7,25 ATM (BAR)
- Max. airflow: 36 l/min
- Operation airflow: 32-28 l/min (5,8-7,25 BAR)
- Continuous operation time: 20 min
- Operating temperature: -30 °C +80 °C
- Noise level: < 85 dB
- Air tank volume: 2,85l/0,75GA
- Air hose length: 7,5m
- Power cord length: 2,4m (section 10AWG)
- Fuse: 30A
- Measurements: 295x265x270 mm
- Weight: 6,4 kg


- Oil-less piston type compressor
- Durable PTFE piston O-ring
- Stainless steel air valves
- Relief valve
- Cylinder material - aluminum alloy
- Efficient electric motor
- Automatic overheat protection
- Dust-proof design, inlet air filter
- Receiver – compressed air tank
- Bypass valve and condensed water remove valve
- Automatic on/off pressure switch
- Frost-proof power cords
- Steel stable frame with handle


- Armored hose with quick-connect fitting
- Inflation gun with accurate gauge
- Nipple quick connector
- Set of extra fittings