Professional Compressor BERKUT™ PRO-20

This model is designed and suitable for in-vehicle installation and work together with an air tank. Equipped with a steel-braided high-pressure hose, a reverse valve and automatic overheating protection. This compressor is temperature-drop resistant, water- and dust-proof. To be installed under the car hood and serves for pneumatic car air suspension system, pneumo-horn, pneumo axle differential block.


- Voltage: 12V
- Max. current: 21A
- Operation power: 230W
- Max. pressure: 10,5Atm (BAR)
- Flow rate (at 23°C/0Атм): 42l/min
- Duty cycle (23C/7Atm): 33%
- Continuous work (23C/7Atm): ON 15min/OFF 30min
- Operation temperature: -30C +80C
- Noise level: < 80dB
- Protection rating: IP 67
- Hose length: 500 мм
- Dimensions: 214x102x172mm
- Weight: 3,4kg


- Piston type compressor, oil-free
- Piston chamber with enhanced heat-sink
- Durable stainless steel air valves
- Cylinder material: aluminum alloy
- Overheat automatic protection
- Dustproof and waterproof.


- Steel braided high pressure air hose
- Reverse valve
- Air filter with air conduit
- Set of installation and mount fittings.