Jump Starter BERKUT™ JSL-12000

Li-Po Jump Starter specially designed for emergency start of automotive engines when car battery is flat or dead. Device is suitable for any type of transport with 12V in-vehicle network. Besides it can charge variable mobile and electronic gadgets via USB 5/12/19V ports. The Jump Starter JSL-12000 is recommended for vehicles with gasoline engines up to 3500cc and diesel engines up to 2000cc.


- Voltage on clamps: 12V
- Nominal current: 200A
- Peak current: 400А
- Battery type: Li-Po 12000mАh
- Battery load capacity: 44,4Wh
- Full charge time via 220V adapter: 3-4h
- Q-ty of starts with fully charged battery: over 10-15 starts
- Starting temperature:  -30ºС +60ºС
- Storage and charge temperature:  0ºС +30ºС
- Available ports: USB 5V 1.0A; USB 5V 2.0A; 12V 10A; 19V 3.5A
- Charge port: 15 V (1.0A)
- Jump starter block’s measurements: 171x87x31mm
- Weight: 450g


- Portable jump starter
- Output for starting 12V gasoline engines up to 3.5l and diesel engines up to 2,5l
- Shockproof housing
- Detachable clamps with overheat, reverse polarity, over-charge/over-discharge, short-circuit protection
- Safe start of totally discharged or low-capacity batteries
- Back-up power for laptops
- Serves as high-capacity, fast charging power bank for mobile devices
- 3-mode powerful LED light
- 220V and 12V charge option


- Power cord with clamps and protection block (fuse) – 1pc
- Universal USB charge cable for mobile devices – 1pc
- Set of adapters for laptop connect and charge – 1pc
- Set of adapters for charge via 220V network and 12V in-vehicle network – 2pcs
- Storage and carry case-bag – 1pc
- User Manual and Warranty
- Package