Capacitor Jump Starter BERKUT™ JSC-800

Capacitor Jump Starter specially designed for emergency start of automotive engines in case of faulty car battery.

Battery-less technology is the best asset and competitive advantage of this model. JSC-800 operation is based on electro-capacitors (ultracapacitors). Capacitors provide 100% guarantee for successful crank of deeply discharged car battery (even for batteries with residue capacity up to 10%). As well using JSC-800 it is possible to start a car without a battery. In this case capacitor jump starter needs to be pre-charged via discharged car battery or alternative car battery, car cigarette socket or USB port of any power source.

The product is recommended for variety of vehicles with petrol engines up to 6000cc and diesel engines up to 4000cc with 12V in-vehicle network voltage.


- Voltage on clamps: 12V
- Nominal current: 800A
- Capacitor type: starting, impulse
- Charge time via car battery: less than 5min
- Charge time via 12V cigarette socket: 15-20min
- Charge time via USB port: 2-3 h
- Q-ty of starts with fully charged capacitors: 1
- Start and storage temperature: -40 °C +65 °C
- Micro USB port: 5V (2000mA)
- Charge port: 12V (10A)
- Measurements: 222x181x55mm
- Weight: 1,84kg


- Maintenance-free (no need to charge while storage)
- Ready for operation after long-term storage
- Crank with no car battery option
- Sparks pre-heating option for diesel engines
- Built-in voltmeter for car battery voltage control
- No capacity loss at low temperature
- No capacity loss due to aging
- Reverse polarity protection
- Short circuit protection
- Charge/discharge cycles: up to 10000 times
- Shelf-time: over 10 years


- Power cord with clamps – 1pc
- 12V cigarette plug charge adapter – 1pc
- User Manual and Warranty