Pressure Gauge For Cars BERKUT™ ADG-032

High-accuracy tire pressure gauge with deflator for excessive pressure release. Scale (4 ATM limit, readability 0.2ATM) is convenient for pickup trucks and commercial vehicle tires. Deflator option is especially critical for off-road car owners as it helps to adjust pressure for better adherence with the road.


- Scale range: 0.00-60.00 PSI(pound/square inch)
- 0.0-4.2 ATM (kg/cm2)
- Readability: 2.00 PSI (pound/square inch)
- 0.2 ATM (kg/cm2)
- Accuracy: ± 0.5 PSI/0.05 BAR


- High accuracy low pressure gauge, 2 scales (ATM/PSI)
- Deflator
- Carry bag