Pressure Gauge For Cars BERKUT™ ADG-031

High-accuracy tire pressure gauge with deflator for excessive pressure release. Scale (2,5 ATM limit, readability 0.1ATM). Deflator option is especially critical for off-road car owners as it helps to adjust pressure for better adherence with the road.


- Scale range: 0.00-35.00 PSI (pound/square inch)
- 0.0-2.5 ATM (kg/cm2)
- Readability: 1.00 PSI (pound/square inch)
- 0.1 ATM (kg/cm2)
- Accuracy: ± 0.5 PSI/0.05 BAR


- High accuracy low pressure gauge, 2 scales (ATM/PSI)
- Deflator
- Carry bag